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S-m-a-s-h-e-d i-n t-h-e m-o-r-n-i-n-g [entries|friends|calendar]

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[27 Jan 2006|12:57pm]
And tell me, how does it feel to change?
then you're smashed in the morning

[08 Sep 2005|12:10am]
So how does it feel to be somebody else?
1 secret| then you're smashed in the morning

[07 May 2004|12:34am]
And with a crayon, there was words
scrawled upon the walls in act of sheer brilliance.
And on the side, she drew teddybears,
the ones that, from her dreams, escape.
Ignoring her child-like apperance,
it was mearly a process of side stepping.

As she prolonged the years, it's side stepping.
While everything falls back into words,
she looks into the mirror to see her child-like apperance,
let's call it an act of sheer brilliance.
What she saw made no effort to escape,
for what she saw was her childhood teddybears.

And she saw nothing but her childhood teddybears,
she could no longer handle the side stepping,
she was learning she could no longer find a way to escape.
Everything was now becoming a new string of words,
this was God's act of sheer brilliance
and in the teddy bears shone his apperance.

Evaporated, scattered became her child-like apperance,
and if you could hear the laughter from the teddybears,
this was their mind game of sheer brilliance.
This was a way to end the horrible dance of side stepping,
to show in actions instead of crayoned words.
The roles were reversed, now she couldn't escape.

She was the one now who couldn't escape,
all that was left was her child-like apperance.
And written on the mirror with coral lipstick was words.
"And now speaking is us teddybears.
There will be no more of this side stepping,
this is just a nightmare of sheer brilliance.

We granted you a nightmare of sheer brilliance.
We warned you about avoiding your child-like apperance.
There was no point in this wicked side stepping,
for we used to be your favorite teddybears,
until you no longer could write crayoned words."
2 secrets| then you're smashed in the morning

[16 Mar 2004|02:58pm]
[ mood | cold ]

She’s gorgeous, in that randomly original way. Her body is shaped unlike others, prominent hips and a long torso. She’s not a size two but a size seven and it’s a loose fit. Her facial features are rare and delicate. Her cheekbones aren’t as strong as her other features, downplayed by the natural rose on her cheek. Lipstick doesn’t grace her lips because they are already bubblegum pink. Sky blue eyes look upon the word with a sense of clarity and dignity, framed by perfectly curled lashes. Her hair falls into her eyes and it’s not the most flattering cut, but she makes it work. She’s perfect, but there is not such a word.

They call her the “drop-of-a-dime” girl, but in that grateful way. You wouldn’t believe how many people have her number memorized or on speed dial. Her cell-phone is always on, a different ring tone for each person, even though half the time, she knows who is going to call before they even do. She never puts herself first, it’s always someone else she is tending to instead of herself. She always has a travel bag packed, in case she gets that call in the middle of the night. She was loyal, keeping even the most destroying secret without an argument. Her heart was the twice the size of anyone else’s. She is perfect, but there is not such a word.

She’s the queen of advice, saying everything and anything she could to make you see what she sees. You can’t hate her because she is blunt and honest and that’s what you want to hear. She’s a tease in the most innocent of ways, a schoolgirl smile with stripper eyes. She liked to toy with the minds of boys, but she never wore her heart on her sleeve. The majority of her friends are male, gay and that’s her crew with the occasional woman. The ones that don’t prefer the same sex try to battle with themselves to keep from falling for her. They always fall for her anyways, but she never changed the way she acted towards them because she doesn’t change for anyone. She doesn’t let anyone walk out of her life without a fight, and there was never one that got away. She’s got the perfect gentleman on her arms, compassionate and sweet but not your normal boy. He’s got the innocence of a male escort, but he’s different around her. He’s proper and quaint, never rushing her and never asking more than what she can give to him. She’s everyone’ best friend, everyone’s first love and soul mate. She’s perfect, but there is not such a word.

You hate her because she’s everything you want to be. Long legs that always go that extra mile, the smile that sweeps everyone off their feet. The kewpie-doll voice that is charming, and extremely different but it just draws you in more. You breathed life into her, before you she was bland and completely normal, the way she is now is because of you. You created her because she was too right to be handled by someone else. The time is coming to let her go because you created her. You hate it because she’s everything you want to be. She’s perfect, but there is not such a word.

6 secrets| then you're smashed in the morning

[22 Feb 2004|10:51pm]
there was never a you and i
but just a us
which lead to a disaster
when you realize
i was you
you were me.

take me again
use me and abuse me
you realize you are doing it
to yourself.
then you're smashed in the morning

[22 Feb 2004|02:41am]
fuck you and your mind games
with distant calls and
poetry scrawled on napkins
sent by the carrier
a stamp of a swan gracing the envelope.

i watch the flames flicker
and think of you as
the ink runs
making the flames turn
3 secrets| then you're smashed in the morning

[19 Jan 2004|02:56am]
Have a little faith in me..Collapse )
then you're smashed in the morning

[18 Jan 2004|01:30pm]
3 am
bright city lights
a flicker of red in the alley
the flame from a lighter in his eyes
the smell of day old sex
in the air

her fingers moved with ease
tugging at his buckle
letting her pull down his jeans
pearl teeth flashing

all he wanted was lip service.
then you're smashed in the morning

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